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Credit Card Manager

4.99 usd

Credit Card Manager helps you to manage your finances at anytime and in anywhere. You can compare your credit card statement with Credit Card Manager to find the discrepancy. You can know which credit card closing your credit limit, and what is available balance.[Features]1. Add/delete/edit credit card purchase and payment2. Show transactions by statement, day, week, month and year3. Show credit limit, available balance and new balance4. Display categories of purchase in pie chart (require internet)5. Transaction report in csv, html and excel xml6. Export/Email transaction report7. Backup and restore database to SD card, Dropbox™ and Google Docs8. Auto backup database to SD card when exiting the app9. Auto backup database to Dropbox™ when exiting the app10. Support your country currency11. Configurable first day of week12. Configurable date format13. Email credit card record14. Password protection15. Add new record with default value16. Default email address for receiving report17. Camera receipt18. Sorting, Filtering data19. Share database with multiple devices by using Dropbox™20. More...
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